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Visualize your LinkedIn data with Kibana

This article was first posted on LinkedIn: Visualize your LinkedIn data with Kibana Did you know you can export your LinkedIn data (messages, profile, contacts…) and download a CSV file with a couple clicks? Well, I did not! I know… Seguir leyendo →

Tcpdump for REST and Microservices

So you know what is a microservice, you also probably know what is an API, or more in particular what is a REST API. But.. do you also know what tcpdump is? If not, let me explain why do I… Seguir leyendo →

Hypersonic game: when Objects hurt performance (Part Two)

This is the second part of Hypersonic game: programming a bot for fun (Part One), I recommend reading the previous post before. Rewriting the Bot in Java was really interesting because I faced a problem I don’t usually have when… Seguir leyendo →

Hypersonic game: programming a bot for fun (Part One)

Last month I discovered a web, CodinGame, where people can learn to program or try new languages in a fun way. There are small tutorials, to familiarize with loops, conditions, arrays and things like that. There are also quick competitions,… Seguir leyendo →

Allow remote connections for PostgreSQL 9.3

Step 1 Edit file:

Add a line with your IP or mask, like for example:

Step 2 Edit file:

Uncomment line:

And replace localhost with * to listen on all interfaces. If you know the IP,… Seguir leyendo →

How to pass arguments to Node.js Async.series functions?

If you are trying to pass arguments to a Node.js async.series set of functions then this is going to help, I promise.

Imagine we have to methods in a Question-Answer website that we have to call before allowing a user to answer a Question.

We require the user to have enough reputation and also enough unicorns. Yeah, unicorns. This is an example, I can write anything here 😀

Node.js web scraping example

Today will be reaching a million droplets created. The user who spins the millionth droplet and sends a tweet will receive 10.000$ in hosting credit! But I don’t want to waste time refreshing the page, nor come back and… Seguir leyendo →

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