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ESP-NOW to WiFi Gateway for ESP8266

ESP-NOW is a much more energy efficient protocol compared to regular WiFi that can make your battery-powered ESP devices run for months or even years. The downside is that we usually want to send data to servers that don’t speak ESP-NOW. So here is a solution: a gateway that takes ESP-NOW messages and sends them over WiFi, for example as HTTP requests to an API.

Wemos D1 Mini: Deep Sleep Current Draw

What is the current draw of a Wemos D1 mini board in deep sleep? And while connected to WiFi?

These are good questions when you are trying to power an ESP8266 board, like the Wemos D1 mini from a battery.
The best way to optimize power consumption is to use the deep sleep mode but not all boards are the same, even when talking about Wemos D1 mini boards. In fact the differences are considerable!

Wemos D1 Mini: power consumption on deep sleep

There are many different versions of the well known Wemos D1 Mini. Do all boards have the same power consumption during deep sleep? Let’s find out.

JMeter alternative: Load Testing with Locust

JMeter is probably the most popular and best known load testing tool out there, for good reasons. But it is not easy to use. Do you know Locust? Let me tell you why I think it is an awesome alternative!

SensorHub now supports atmospheric pressure sensors

I have made a few changes and added a new sensor type to SensorHub: atmospheric pressure.
But more importantly: adding new sensor types is now much easier and obvious.

SensorHub: a simple IoT dashboard

Recently I have been working on a way to visualize data from a couple temperature and humidity sensors I have at home. I didn’t want to go the Prometheus way cause it is too much for something this simple. And I wanted my Raspberry Pi 3B to host it, this means ARM support was mandatory…

Lesson learnt: never do this in Python!

If you know Python you probably also know that you can assign default values for method arguments but do you know why you should not assign mutable types to them?

Point a domain to a dynamic IP address

This is a noip or dyndns alternative to point a domain to an IP address that changes over time, in other words, a dynamic IP like your home address for example.
All you need is a bash script and a domain on DigitalOcean.

Disable tracking and advertising at home with Pi-hole

How to stop tracking and advertising at home with Pi-hole and a Raspberry Pi. Works on all devices on your network.

Install and configure Flutter on Ubuntu 20.04

Google and Canonical recently announced the availability of Flutter for Linux. The team behind Flutter is now working with Ubuntu developers to make Flutter for desktop a reality.

Apart from Android and iOS currently there is support for Linux and Mac. Windows is still under development.

So now if you want to give it a try and create a desktop application this is how to install and configure Flutter on Ubuntu.

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