⚠️There is an updated version of this article, way more detailed, with graphs of power consumption over time: Wemos D1 Mini: Deep Sleep Current Draw 2023

The Wemos D1 Mini is a well known board, specially when you look for easy to use boards that have a low power consumption. Sure, it will never be as low as an ESP8266 module alone but convenience has a price.

Anyways, the problem is that there are many different boards and versions when you search for Wemos D1 Mini on Aliexpress. And some of them do not correspond with the ones listed on the official Wemos website. Do all boards have the same power consumption when you activate deep sleep?

I have bought a few different models so let’s find out.

D1 Mini

Wemos D1 Mini
D1 Mini (first version)

This one is not a good board. The power consumption is «too high». When in deep sleep mode, connected directly yo 3.3V, the current was around 9mA. If you plan on powering this board with 18650 batteries they won’t last very long, a few days at most depending on your use case.

But that is not the main problem with this board, at least in my case I had trouble with the drivers on Windows and couldn’t flash any code from Arduino IDE. All of the other boards worked fine so I don’t know, weird.
No issues on Linux though, fortunately!


D1 Mini Pro

Wemos D1 Mini Pro
D1 Mini Pro

Great board, although I am a bit concerned about the antenna and thus the WiFi range. It does have a connector for an external antenna, which is great, but without it the range might suffer. I will have to test this.

Regarding power consumption, when in deep sleep mode and again, connected to 3.3V directly current was 150μA (that is 0.15mA). Absolutely fantastic.

D1 Mini v3

Wemos D1 Mini v3
D1 Mini v3

This one is an iteration from the original D1 Mini and it works much better. It is a single board, like the D1 Mini Pro, instead of a sandwich of the main board and the ESP8266 board.

When in deep sleep mode, connected to 3.3V directly the current is 150μA (that is 0.15mA) too, same as the D1 Mini Pro. Perfect.


If you need the extra memory, go for the Pro version (16MB vs 4MB). Or if you need more WiFi range the Pro with an external antenna might be the best choice.

But the D1 Mini v3 is pretty solid too, you won’t go wrong with any of them.

Avoid the D1 Mini, the one with the metal shield, in general. But in particular if you use Windows or if you are looking for the best Wemos D1 mini regarding power consumption. For a few more cents you can get any of the other two boards.

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