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WordPress: Apache vs NGINX benchmark

Here I have a quick comparison of how Wodpress performs depending on the server: Apache vs NGINX

Coding Game: Unleash the Geek – the end

After a long weekend of coding, Unleash The Geek has ended. I finished in Gold 252 after two days of struggle to be honest but after going up and down (waaay down) in the ranking all the weekend it feels like a victory haha.

Coding Game: Unleash the Geek – day IV

Last day I managed to reach top 15 on Silver, today the objective is promoting to Gold. For that I have to focus on beating the Silver Boss. How can I do that?

Coding Game: Unleash the Geek – day III

Day three has been a complicated one for my busy robots on Unleash The Geek: I did not manage to improve substantially until late night and it was a bit frustrating.

Coding Game: Unleash the Geek – day II

After reaching Silver League today I focused on refactoring a couple critical parts of the code and implementing more advanced movements.

Coding Game: Unleash the Geek – day I

Yesterday I joined the latest contest on Coding Game called Unleash the Geek. I spent 3 hours creating and improving my bot and it was a great experience!

Resultados de la Developer Survey 2019 de StackOverflow para España

Hace un par de días se publicaron para su descarga los resultados anónimos de la Developer Survey 2019 de StackOverflow que se realiza cada año. Aunque el análisis de las respuestas a nivel global está disponible desde hace casi dos… Seguir leyendo →

Visualize your LinkedIn data with Kibana

How to export and visualize your LinkedIn data with Kibana.

Tcpdump for REST APIs and Microservices

This is why I think tcpdump is one of the best tools when working with APIs and microservices.

Hypersonic game: when Objects hurt performance (Part Two)

This is the second part of Hypersonic game: programming a bot for fun (Part One), I recommend reading the previous post before. Rewriting the Bot in Java was really interesting because I faced a problem I don’t usually have when… Seguir leyendo →

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